[Empy] Patch 7.5.5

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[Empy] Patch 7.5.5

Message par Mendoz » jeu. déc. 21, 2017 6:31 pm

Alpha 7.5.5: Patch
Empyrion - Galactic Survival - EmpyrionGame
Changelog: Alpha 7.5.5 (Build 1427)

PDA Update:
- Added dedicated missions for Akua and Omicron.
(You will only see the one which matches the playfield you start your game)
- The Omicron Mission has additional steps (sealing a room, managing oxygen supply, etc) and will gift you a Multitool, O2 Bottles and a Ventilator for demonstration purposes (usually you need to level up and craft them, but these devices are also a reward for playing the Robinson Protocol Mission on Omicron)
- Both missions will reward you with a Motorbike and an additional Fiber Plant
- The Robinson Protocol only works when starting the SINGLEPLAYER DEFAULT survival scenario
- This is only a starter-guide and does NOT replace the recommendation to play the TUTORIAL.
- The mission is not mandatory. You can always skip it.

Added solar power to starter wreckage structures:
- Replaced Generator/Fuel with Solarpanel/Capacitor
- Removed "Convenience" devices (Fridge, Ammobox, Container) to make it a real shelter
> Please tell us what you think!

Tweaked content of personal container in starter wreckage structures on Omicron/Akua:
- Omicron: Added Corn and Fiber sprout to Personal Container
- Akua: Added Fiber sprout to Personal Container

- Increased light angle to 180° on all light models
- Solar panels are now airtight and have higher output (increased from 20kW to 30kW)
- Increased stack sizes for Sea Weed and Water Jug
- Updated screens on some console blocks
- Added Unknown Artifacts (on barren and lava planets): thanks to Kieve
- Added new Starter Wreckage ("Very Old Base"): Thanks to Dinkelsen
- Updated Localization and PDA

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that battery could store more energy than its capacity
- Fixed: Forcefield block broke apart due to SI when placed vertically
- Fixed: SP difficulty settings carried over to MP
- Fixed: Placing a Forcefield on a flat surface was causing Z-Fighting
- Fixed: Problem that more than 20 solar panels could be placed per structure
- Fixed: Loca PDA: JPN and GREEK and others are not shown in PDA INFO action tasks
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions

Updated Empyrion Admin Helper (EAH):
Patch notes - (working with Alpha 7.3 and 7.5)
- Added: New Items
- Added: Discord Admin/Global/Faction implementation (thanks to Mortlath)
- Added: Config: Discord --> Set Global and Admin channel
- Added: Faction: Discord channel
- Added: SendDevLogs: New Crash folder included
- Added: Structures: Set to Admin faction, allow multiple
- Added: Player: Edit: Starter Playfield as combobox
- Added: Config-Game: Dedicated.yaml changes
- Added: Config - Chat: Curse filter White list
- Added: Config: Seperated Feature and Chat / Chatbot
- Added: Structure Control: Check if Admin-faction structure has non Admin pilot and warn (for now)
- Fixed: Admin faction: Allow edit in slave
- Fixed: AM:Fuel:All:x --> better spliting of fuel
- Fixed: Warp to: Messages removed
- Fixed: Some Window sizes mixed
- Fixed: Config: Chatbot only in faction disabled
- Fixed: Playfield Origin default to 999 (= No restriction)
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